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Code Black Third Year (HD, New, TV-14) The Angels Memorial doctors try saving a girl who is caught in the crossfire of a shootout; Willis plans to focus on field medicine as he works in an ambulance.
7 News at 11pm (New)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Lucy Liu from the series "Elementary"; actor Henry Winkler; music group Run The Jewels performs.
The Late Late Show with James Corden (HD, New, TV-14) Actor Mark Ruffalo; actress Mackenzie Davis; author Chelsea Clinton.

Law & Order Maritime (HD, TV-14) A missing football player will become the prime suspect in the murder of a woman whose body is discovered floating in the East River.
Law & Order Seer (HD, TV-14) The prime suspect in the brutal murder of a woman outside a sex club claims to have merely witnessed the crime via a psychic vision.
Law & Order Kid Pro Quo (HD, TV-14) The team of investigating detectives will suspect the headmaster may be involved in the murder of an admissions director at a private school.

7 News on at 10p CW62 (New)
Seinfeld The Slicer (HD, TV-PG) Dissatisfied with the quality of the meat in his sandwiches, Kramer gets a meat slicer; Jerry develops a skin condition and blames his new doctor girlfriend.
Seinfeld The Gymnast (HD, TV-PG) Jerry's excitement about dating a gymnast diminishes after bad sex; George's girlfriend catches him eating out of the trash; Kramer passes a kidney stone.
Dateline The Dream House Mystery (TV-14) Investigative reports, breaking news stories, profiles of leading newsmakers and other features explore current events and topics of special interest.

All in the Family Archie in the Hospital (TV-PG) Archie befriends a fellow patient after being admitted to the hospital for terrible back pain, but he doesn't realize his new friend is actually a black man.
All in the Family Oh, Say Can You See (TV-PG) Archie begins to feel his age and becomes envious of his similarly aged friend Bill Mulheron, who appears to attract the attention of beautiful young women.
Sanford and Son Earthquake II (TV-PG) After a small earthquake, Grady tells Fred an even larger one is coming, so the distressed Fred decides to move and go to Las Vegas to avoid the disaster.
Sanford and Son Divorce, Sanford Style (TV-PG) When Aunt Esther's concerns over her husband's possible infidelity escalate, she moves in with Fred and Lamont until she decides if she will end their marriage.
Good Times Wheels (TV-PG) J.J. and his friends have continuous disputes over a car they purchased together, ranging from insurance payments to ongoing scheduling conflicts.
Good Times Breaker, Breaker (TV-PG) Michael impersonates J.J. while communicating on a CB radio with a young woman who refers to herself "Fun Girl," but he discovers she hasn't been honest.
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