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NCIS Family Ties (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) While McGee and Torres visit a high school student to get a statement, her parents take her and flee; Vance's daughter is caught shoplifting and arrested.
Bull No Good Deed (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Bull is approached by a teacher's union representative to help a woman facing prosecution by the District Attorney for helping a student pass a crucial test.
NCIS: New Orleans Monster (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A connection is found between a deadly armed robbery and an undercover operation by the ATF, which brings Percy back into contact with her old ATF partner.

Criminal Minds True North (HD, TV-14) The Behavioral Analysis Unit is dispatched to Arizona, where an unknown subject is believed to be responsible for the deaths of three individuals.
Criminal Minds Unforgettable (HD, TV-14) Multiple federal government employees fall victim to a series of peculiar heart attacks; Reid nervously waits to learn about his trial date.
Criminal Minds Green Light (HD, TV-14) When Reid becomes increasingly worried that his mother has been taken, he enlists the help of the BAU to look into the matter while he's trapped in prison.

The 100 The Warriors Will (HD, New, TV-14) Monty aims to show Wonkru a substitute for war; Abby's deteriorating health worsens, as does McCreary's patience.
The Outpost Two Heads Are Better Than None (HD, New, TV-14) Talon learns of secrets concerning herself and her people from her mystifying savior; Gate Marshall Waythers investigates the murder of a Prime Order officer.
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All in the Family Edith's Night Out (TV-PG) After Archie refuses to take Edith out on the town for some fun, she decides to leave him behind and go to Kelsey's Bar for some fun by herself.
All in the Family Edith's Friend (TV-PG) Edith happens to meet a childhood friend while attending a family wedding, and the chance encounter reignites the feelings of love she once harbored for him.
Good Times Florida's Rich Cousin (TV-PG) Florida has plans of borrowing money from her wealthy cousin in order to pay a few bills that came up unexpectedly, but James wants no part of it.
Good Times The Weekend (TV-PG) Florida and James celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in a friend's cabin, but James has problems trying to stop his wife from worrying about the kids.
Sanford and Son First Night Out (TV-PG) Fred buys a horse with history of racing and tries to get the animal to breed so that he may sell the ponies as products of a champion.
Sanford and Son Sanford and Niece (TV-PG) When Aunt Esther's niece arrives in town, she asks Fred to let her stay with him, but Fred resists until he sees what she looks like.
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