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MacGyver Mardi Gras Beads + Chair (HD, New, TV-14) While a con artist pretends to be the wife of an old alias Jack used in the CIA, he is soon put in danger when one of the alias' enemies looks for revenge.
Hawaii Five-0 Na Keiki A Kalahaohia (HD, New, TV-14) Five-0 pursues a deceased diamond smuggler's partner after the body is stolen from a graveyard; Adam recruits another confidential informant.
Blue Bloods Erasing History (HD, New, TV-14) Henry pesters Danny while he serves as the key witness for his and Baez's case; Nicky's family is stunned when she chooses to support her activist friend.

M*A*S*H A Holy Mess (TV-PG) Everyone in the camp is looking forward to a special brunch with fresh eggs, but an AWOL soldier seeks sanctuary in the mess tent.
The Andy Griffith Show The Inspector (TV-G) A strict and rule-following courthouse inspector criticizes Andy and Barney for failing to use proper procedures when enforcing the law.
The Andy Griffith Show Ellie Saves a Female (TV-G) Ellie offers her assistance and encouragement to a tomboyish female farmhand in order to help her convey her uniqueness and femininity.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Dance, Marine, Dance (TV-G) Gomer and Sergeant Carter are scammed by a phony dance studio when both of them sign up a contract for a lifetime of dancing lessons.
Mama's Family Supermarket (TV-PG) The manager of Food Circus offers Mama a job as customer consultant, but Naomi is not pleased to have her meddling mother-in-law working alongside her.
Hogan's Heroes Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon (TV-G) Colonel Klink receives a poor rating from the Inspector General of prison camps, so Klink brings in a stern new sergeant to discipline its prisoners.

« CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Law of Gravity (HD, TV-14) As the CSIs investigate a double murder, Keppler tries to keep his ties to the case a secret; Grissom comes back to work after his teaching sabbatical.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Monster in the Box (HD, TV-14) Grissom learns that the miniature killer is alive when he receives an unmarked package containing the tiny replica of a crime scene that has yet to take place.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fallen Idols (HD, TV-14) A high school basketball player and his cheerleader girlfriend disappear after a hometown game, and the CSIs look to a guy who is in love with the missing girl.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Empty Eyes (HD, TV-14) Several showgirls are found murdered in their house, and while processing the crime scene, Sarah comes across a sixth victim, whose words leave her disturbed.
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